Personal and professional mentorship

Looking to enter a mentorship relationship with someone who gets you? I offer psychological support, inspiration, and sound advice to help you feel more purposeful, integrated, and confident in your personal and professional life. Whether you’re navigating a specific challenge, need a safe space to speak your mind freely, or simply want to pick my brain, I’m here to listen, reflect, and help you grow and succeed.

My mentorship sessions are $65 for 45 minutes, $80/hr or $250/month for weekly 45-minute meetings. If you wish to schedule a 15-minute discovery call please request one through my Contact page.

My Mentorship Approach

Hi, I'm an open book.

People value the way I am able to address difficult and challenging topics in a straightforward, nonjudgemental way. I don't hide my struggles or pretend to be something I'm not. I think this is what puts people at ease in my presence and invites them into authentic self-expression.

I believe that one of the most powerful healing modalities is to be simply witnessed and accepted for who we are. I accept people for who they are, AND challenge them to be better (if they want to). I view human behavior through an existential and depth psychology lens, which complements my nihilism in mysterious and interesting ways.

One of the biggest catalysts for my own spiritual transformation was my divorce and death of a loved one. This is when I realized that my Ivy-league education did not support my mental health struggles. For much of my adult life, I did not have the adaptive tools to cope with the insecurities underlying so much of my anxiety, depression, shame, and substance use/dependence. I wanted to solve the missing link between academic theory and real-world application. This is what launched my passion in social change innovation.

My disillusionment with academia and a longing to know myself facilitated a journey that took me to the East where I studied Hinduism, Buddhism, and Tantric philosophy. These years brought some of the most enlightened and expansive Truths to my consciousness; AND I was indoctrinated into a cult. It turns out, the spiritual marketplace is culty AF and can be equally as disillusioning as academia. This is how my balanced and integrative approach to psychology and spirituality was born--and it radicalized me into being an advocate for our human rights, freedoms, and individuality. I believe individuality is sacred and should be protected fiercely. There is no room for individuality in cult dynamics; this is why I'm so passionate about cult awareness and intervention.

To me, the spiritual essence of individuality is the freedom to be yourself, which is how I interpret living an 'authentic' life. Unfortunately, the freedom to be ourselves is highly politicized in our society which is why I've adopted an egalitarian worldview that aligns with my spiritual values of interconnectedness. I believe no one is truly free until everyone is free. (This includes the freedom to not impose my beliefs onto others). My intersectional perspective is sourced from my unique positionality, perspective, and privilege in the world.

Perhaps my biggest asset as a mentor is the level of expanded self-awareness that I bring to my own biases and blind spots (i.e. my 'shadow' if you will). I have fully integrated with my shadow, which means I've explored every nook and cranny of it. I have been to the dark side of my own psyche and back. I believe my self-awareness IQ is what helps me easily relate to people from all backgrounds, experiences, and walks of life. I've discovered that self-awareness is the secret sauce to being an empathic and well-adjusted citizen of the world.

People say that wisdom comes with age, but I don't believe that's true. I believe in every person's seed of potential for limitless growth no matter what age or stage of life they are in.  I wouldn't be where I am had I not nurtured my own seed of potential with continual, intentional self-growth. And because I've found that seed within myself, I'm able to extend the same compassion, wisdom, patience, and understanding to others. These are the principles that I bring to my mentorship relationship. Simply put: I care.

You should know that I am not a coach and I'm certainly not a therapist. This means three things: 

(1) if you ask me for my opinion, I will give it to you straight, as well as how/why I arrived to that conclusion. And yes, you do get to challenge my views and disagree. I'm simply an ally, not an authority on your life.

(2) If you enter into a mentorship relationship with me, I will give you direct advice if you ask for it, and I feel comfortable to.

(3) If your issue is mental-health related, I will help you find the appropriate resources and services that you need.

I've worked with a number of therapists and a few coaches in my life, but no one has left an impact on me like my mentors. My mentors have been paramount to both my self-growth and career/life aspirations. I believe that great mentors empower minds, illuminate paths, and inspire souls. As a high-achiever, I aspire to be a great mentor.

I don't look at the mentorship relationship as one of "student-and-teacher." Of course, there is a power dynamic that I hold myself responsible to, but the truth is we are students and teachers of each other and that's the beauty of a mentor-mentee relationship. The mentorship relationship is a collaboration; I'm here to work collaboratively with you to provide the kind of support that will align with your unique values, goals, and needs. I will provide honest feedback, help you learn from mistakes, and stay committed to your personal growth and evolution. I believe in you!

Personal and professional mentorship

Services offered

Professional development mentorship:

Building interpersonal skills for ethical and authentic leadership

Critical thinking & media literacy

Nonviolent communication and active listening

Confidence building

Self-awareness & mindset development

Emotional intelligence and emotional resiliency

Identifying & evaluating your strengths & weaknesses as a leader

Personal development mentorship:

Develop deeper self-awareness and skills for self-mastery

Challenge your beliefs and clarify your thinking

Deprogram out of cult dynamics

Develop a stronger individuality and sense of self

Become more confident, adaptable, and integrated in the world

Learn communication skills, deep listening skills, and conflict resolution

Upon scheduling a session, you will receive a welcome packet to help us prepare for our first meeting.